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Strolls and hikes for everyone, all-year-round and adapted to all the families and needs

Half-day fare (up to 12 people) : 140 €

Day fare (up to 12 people) : 220 €

Pick your next family adventure among our suggestions, or à la carte according to your particular projects. Our mountain leaders adapt the itineraries to the family level and propose playful and educational excursions to discover the secrets of nature. Expect from these special family hikes: observation, stories, little workshops in the forest and of course beautiful sceneries!

Forest mysteries

Level: Easy  Height difference: <100m  Season: All-year-round

Length: 1/2 day

The young beech keeps its dead leaf attached to its trunk during the winter to maintain shade at its feet and prevent others to overgrow it; it is called marcescent.

The roe mating season occurs in the summer, for a gestation period of 4 months; however, the baby roe birth happens only during spring, or 10 months later… How nature manages this?

We will take you on an easy stroll through a typical mid-altitude Alpine forest to discover the treasures of nature. Through stories, exploration and observation of wild animal traces, this walk will please the whole family all-year-round.

Wild animals lookout

Level: Medium Hight difference: <500m

Season: Summer / autumn

Length: 1 day

Discover the mountain on selected itineraries adapted to the whole family. The hike is punctuated with playing activities to explore the surrounding environment, from bug observation to the geological story explaining how the mountain formed. The trail takes us up to the National Natural Reserve of Chartreuse, a well-kept piece of paradise only accessible by foot. We will share a picnic to the sound of the animal bells and to the marmots’ whistle. With a good pair of binoculars, we will attempt the observation of the reserve’s wild animals: marmots, chamois, ibex and of course its numerous birds. A beautiful family hike starting up to 6 years old.

Lookout point and visit of a cheese-making factory

Level: Medium • Height difference: <500m • Season: All-year-round

Length: 1 day

At all season, walking or snowshoeing, discover the heart of the Chartreuse Mountain and its lookout points to enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes. The point of view is picked according to the season and the group level. The hike ends up with the visit of an Alpine cheese-making factory, the chance to discover the good traditional products from the Alps!

Stroll with Alpine goats and visit a goat farm

Level: Easy • Height difference: <200m • Season: Spring to autumn

Length: 1/2 day

Enjoy a family stroll, adapted to the little ones on forest trails, walking with charming Alpine goats. The walk goes along with the visit of a goat farm for cheese-making, or another one with Angora goats for wool harvesting. A playful and learning time for the kids to discover the traditional mountain activities.

Mysteries of the Grande Chartreuse monastery

Level: Easy to medium • Height difference: 200m to 600m • Season: All-year-round

Length: 1 day

Through all season and times, the mysterious head monastery of the Carthusian religious order has stirred up the visitors’ curiosity. Numerous trails and lookout points surround this site, rich by its history and patrimony. Stroll through the Alpine meadows and wet forests within the zone of silence and capture a little bit of the magic enveloping this unique site.

Discovery of a protected sensible natural mountain site

Level: Medium • Height difference: <450m • Season: All-year-round

Length: 1 day

Some specific sites recognized for their high ecological value are protected and represent a great educational field towards nature. The beautiful Pravouta meadow is one of these sites, easy to access and offering a wide panorama on the Southern part of the Chartreuse mountain as well as its highest summit Chamechaude. It is a place where the threatened black grouse is being protected. The Pravouta’s summit is easily accessible from the meadow and offers a spectacular view on the Belledonne mountains and the whole Natural Reserve. It is an ideal place for a family picnic and to escape all year.

Hike and discovery of the local patrimony

Level: Easy • Height difference: <300m • Season: All-year-round

Length: 1/2 day to 1 day

A small church nested at the heart of the Chartreuse mountain hide an exceptional artistic treasure! Enjoy a nice hike around the site and discover this unusual site. This nice discovery can be made over a half-day or a full day and is opened to everyone.

Family donkey back riding and nature discovery

Level: Easy • Height difference: <200m • Season: May to October

Family fare with 1 donkey: 1h: 30 € • 2h: 50 € • Half-day: 70 €

Treat your family with a nice donkey back riding stroll on a one-hour to half-day tour. Your donkey will be able to carry up to two young kids at the same time. Your donkey-leader conducts the hike, leads the animal and animate your hike with plenty of nature curiosities. You will be given the whole security equipment and get to learn be basics of loading, leading and understanding your lovely companion!



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