Discovery of the National Natural Reserve of Chartreuse

Strolls and hike for all levels to discover a rich Alpine National Natural Reserve

Half-day fare (up to 12 people) : 140 €

Day fare (up to 12 people) : 220 €

The high-altitude plateaus of the Chartreuse mountain hide many treasures: fauna, flora and a unique landscape. This stunning preserved territory has been for that reason classified as a National Natural Reserve. Discover this rich land surrounded by its large rocky ridges, and only accessible by foot. Various itineraries allow everyone to reach it, in respect of this fragile area that we all must take care of.

Mount Granier and Alpette meadow

Level: Easy to medium+ Height difference: 820m

Season: All-year-round

Length: 1 day

The Alpette Pass and meadow is a nice entrance to the Natural Reserve of Chartreuse, accessible to anyone. From there starts the ascent of Mount Granier, the high plateaus’ northern pillar. For a more contemplative hike, it is possible to reach the Alp meadow or climb the Pinet summit…

Wild animals lookout

Level: Medium Height difference: <500m

Season: Summer / autumn

Length: 1 day

Discover the mountain on selected itineraries adapted to the whole family. The hike is punctuated with playing activities to explore the surrounding environment, from bug observation to the geological story explaining how the mountain formed. The trail takes us up to the National Natural Reserve of Chartreuse, a well-kept piece of paradise only accessible by foot. We will share a picnic to the sound of the animal bells and to the marmots’ whistle. With a good pair of binoculars, we will attempt the observation of the reserve’s wild animals: marmots, chamois, ibex and of course its numerous birds. A beautiful family hike starting up to 6 years old.

Alpe pass and meadow

Level: Easy Height difference: 460m

Season: Summer / autumn

Length: 1 day

An easy itinerary for everyone, to access the Natural Reserve of Chartreuse. The Alpe meadow is the summer home for the cows, sheep and horses, sharing the territory with the wild fauna. The marmot whistle mingles with the sound of the bells. We can discover ancient ruins of former shepherd huts… A beautiful moment, suspended in time to discover.

Vertigo hikes

Level: Medium to hard Height difference: Variable

Season: Summer / autumn

Length: 1 day

Unusual and well-hidden places and dizzy landscapes, discreetly explore the territory kept by chamois and ibex during these vertigo hikes…

A good opportunity to learn autonomy in the mountain, by manipulating ropes and learning basic security knots.

L'Aulp du Seuil (Chartreuse)

Level: Medium to hard Height difference: >800 m

Season: Summer / autumn

Length: 1 day

If the Chartreuse mountain host numerous magical places, Aulp du Seuil and its supended valley is certainly one of them! The large Marcieu Valley, well-kept by its steep rocky walls reveals and unattended and astonishing landscape. Discover the chaos of the valley’s bottom, hosting a prehistorical camp; for the most sportive ones, climb up to the Malissard Spears to find Gallo-Roman inscriptions carved into the rock…

Dent de Crolles (Chartreuse)

Level: Medium Height difference: 650 m

Season: Summer / autumn

Length: 1 day

The ascent of this iconic summit over-hanging the Grenoble Valley can be made via different itineraries. From the traditional climb to the most scenic paths, reach this summit the way you like. The large-view panorama at the top is a wonderful treat any time of the day.


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